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The Benefits of using our service:

Your corporate identity and branding is so important to your staff and also to your company’s recognisability.

We at ABC Imaging UK have over 20 years of experience in helping corporate companies with their branding and identity. Incorporating graphics into your work space contributes to overall company success and can bring your company’s uniqueness, value and mission to the forefront and can grab the attention of all the clientele that visit by incorporating all the services that you have to offer as well as your company’s history, future goals and aesthetic purposes.

Graphics within a corporate building are limitless and we can create all your visual solutions for all your needs and budgets and use a whole range of different types of creative print media including, one piece wallpapers, metal, wood, acrylic and glass. Vinyl wall coverings can be placed over most wall surfaces such as drywall, wallpaper, wood and even onto concrete and brick.

Using different types of adhesive to suit each different environments and applications. Some examples of graphics that can be added within the workplace:
  • Logo Signs
  • Wall Graphics / Murals
  • Window Manifestations
  • Metal Signage
  • Framed Artwork, Pictures or Posters
  • Storyboards
  • 3D Wall Art/ Lettering
  • Interior Office Doors, Partitions and Lifts
  • Reception Areas and Security Barriers

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