Whats the best way to send files?

The best way is in a PDF format, this will help with the file size and will retain your design the way you designed it. You can then use 'Send Job' to get it over to us.

What can I do if my file is too big to send via 'Send Job'?

You can use ABC File Transfer  'ABC Air'. You can set yourself up on our file transfer server, this can take any size file but remember the bigger your file the more time it takes to upload and then download. You can also put the files on a memory stick or CD/DVD and bring the files in or If you have an ABC account you can 'Request a Pick Up' and we will come and collect.

What if I need to get my job printed urgently?

Contact us in advance and tell us about the job, when you are likely to have the job ready for us to print, when you need the prints back or sent to. We will then book you in so there will be no waiting in line.

How do I set up and ABC account?

Fill in your details online or download the PDF application form and send or bring it to our London HQ, we will then process your application and if successful you will not only have amazing discounts but you will have your very own account manager.

How many pages should a double sided book have?

Make sure your brochure/book has multiples of 4 pages.

What if my job has been printed wrong?

Tell us straight away and we will re print the job right away.

How long will my files be kept on your servers?

About a month, but if you want us to delete them straight after your print job is done let us know. If you would like us to keep your files longer because of reprints etc, again please let us know.

An alternative you may want to consider is BluePrintOnline our online cloud server. Please ask for details.

Give us a call on:. 020 7253 4311