Scanning & Archiving

Make it paperless, scan and archive paper files and drawings. Don’t let paper and clutter rule your business, let ABC Imaging scan and archive your important records.

Our experts have digitised everything from archival blueprints to carpet samples, and they have coordinated projects that have required as many as 70,000 items to be scanned and catalogued. As an option to our scanning and archiving service, we can assign your required metadata to each scanned item.

You can load this data into a database with the digitised images to give your users a powerful tool to search and retrieve information.

Every business can benefit from good housekeeping and proper records maintenance and then benefit from the ability to access digitised information. The next time you feel overwhelmed by paper, think how ABC Imaging can scan and archive what you need to save.

Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.

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